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The Benefits of Green Tea Extract Combined with Green Coffee Bean




Green tea has been a popular natural health supplement to take for a few years because clinical tests proved it contained important antioxidants that help the body in several ways. Green tea naturally contains something called epigallocatechin-3-gallate which is more commonly referred to as EGCG. This is it’s principal polyphenolic ingredient that is so beneficial for the body. It helps support a healthy sugar and glucose absorption as well as good insulin levels within the body. Another thing it does very effectively is promote a healthy resting metabolic rate.

Clinical tests carried out over recent years have shown that  EGCG is more effective as an antioxidant than vitamins C and E. A single cup of green tea provides around 200mg of polyphenols whereas a single capsule of Mega Green Tea Extract provides more polyphenols than three cups of green tea. On top of this it is more efficient at being absorbed into the bloodstream as well as being more bio-available than just drinking the tea alone.

Benefits of Taking Green Tea Extract

  • It keeps free radicals in check including hydroxyl and peroxyl radicals as well as superoxide radicals.
  • It has fluid stabilizing properties
  • It helps maintain healthy cell regeneration
  • It helps maintain healthy blood cholesterol levels
  • It enhances the immune system
  • It has been shown to protect brain tissues

Mega Green Tea Extract is now available combined with CoffeeGenic Green Coffee Extract which means the dietary health supplement is greatly enhanced by the polyphenol chlorogenic acid that’s contained in green coffee beans. This in turn means the supplement has maximum potency.

Chlorogenic acid has been clinically tested and the results have shown that this acid helps limit glucose surges that occur after eating a meal. Mega Green Tea Extract combined with Green Coffee bean extract is proving to be a wonderful natural dietary supplement that is safe to take. It has no side effects and as such even the medical profession is endorsing the supplement as being an effective dietary aid for people who need or want to lose weight as well as being who want to improve their general health.


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