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Immunity and the Gut: How Probiotics Can Keep Your Kids Healthy

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When the temperatures drop and the leaves start to change, it’s time for the kids to head back to school—which means a return of runny noses, coughs, and viruses in your home.

Every parent wants their kid to stay healthy, not just in the school year, but year-round. The key to a healthy body is a strong, functional immune system, and that all starts with the health of your gut.

In today’s world, children are exposed to more sugar, processed foods, and environmental stresses than ever before, and that can lead to an imbalance of good and bad bacteria—ultimately leaving your child vulnerable to the next bug that goes around the school.

With more than 70% of the immune system located in the gut, maintaining a proper balance of bacteria is the starting point for building up the immune system of anyone, including your child!

That’s where probiotics can make all the big difference.

What Are Probiotics?

Probiotics aren’t your typical vitamin supplement. They contain living microorganisms—specifically, “good bacteria” that play a role in supporting a healthy gut.

There are many types of probiotics on the market, with a variety of strains and strengths, but research is beginning to shine a light on the benefits that probiotics offer—particularly in children—and the role that they play in overall health.

Probiotics and the Immune System 

It’s no secret that a weak immune system equals more susceptibility to illness, and that goes for your child’s immune system as well.

So, how exactly can probiotics help build the immune system of your kid—and save you from dealing with sleepless nights, fevers, and doctor appointments?

There are more than 500 species of bacteria living in the gut, with a delicate balance of good and bad bacteria. When the bacteria are well-balanced, you enjoy better health—when they’re not, your immune system takes a dive as the overgrowth of bad bacteria affects the immune function of the gut.

From antibiotic use to a poor diet, there are many reasons why the gut of your child might be out-of-balance, but probiotics can start repairing the damage. A high-quality supplement of the right bacteria strain can begin to restore the equilibrium of the bacteria in the gut.

That means a healthier child, and less worry for you.

The Role of Probiotics in Kids’ Health

Probiotics are a simple, affordable way to make a big impact in how your child fares through cold and flu season, but building the immune system isn’t the only benefit that they offer to kids. 

Research has shown that probiotic use can be effective for:

There’s a reason that probiotics are the 3rd most-popular supplement given to kids!

From improving the immune system to balancing the gut-brain connection, having the right bacteria in the gut can help to keep your child healthy all year long.




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