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Green Bean Coffee Extract on Dr. Oz



green-coffee-beans.jpgDo you want to know what’s the latest supplement endorsed by Dr. Mehmet Oz?

On an episode of The Dr. Oz Show  entitled “Burn Fat Faster: 5 Fastest Fat Burners,” green bean coffee extract, or what the doctor refers to as “magic beans,” can aid weight loss.

Dr. Oz revealed that the purest and the rawest form of green coffee can help burn fat faster and is effective not just for women but also for men. During the show, Dr. Oz was joined by Dr. Lindsay Duncan, a certified nutritionist who further attested to the effectiveness of green coffee for weight loss.

Dr. Duncan explained a study about green coffee beans’ effect on weight loss and the results were absolutely amazing; participants who joined the study consumed around 2400 calories a day and were only able to burn 400 calories. When given green bean coffee pills, the participants had an average weight loss of 17 pound per person for 12 weeks. Dr. Duncan added that absolutely no side effects were seen on the participants.

The study also notes that green coffee must be consumed in its rawest form since roasting coffee (usually at 475 degrees) changes the natural properties of the beans. Roasting at a very high temperature removes the acids that are effective in reducing weight.

How Do Green Coffee Beans Really Work?

Dr. Duncan explains that green bean coffee extract works by burning and blocking fat in the body with the help of its cholorogenic acid content. This acid causes the body to burn more sugar and fat which is concentrated in the liver. The process slows down the release of sugar into the bloodstream, reducing the possibility of fat accumulation in the blood stream. All of this contributes to reducing weight in adults and may also help prevent weight gain in people who already maintain a regular weight.

Green bean coffee also helps to regulate blood pressure levels, prevent the incidence of type 2 diabetes,  improve circulation, and may even be beneficial in reducing the incidence of breast, liver, rectal and colon cancer. Drinking 1 to 3 cups of coffee is known to decrease the risk of developing heart disease by 24 percent in women. And drinking more than 3 cups a day can even reduce the risk of developing different illnesses by 19 percent, which is why taking green bean coffee supplements is recommended by more and more health experts.

However, Dr. Oz and Dr. Duncan added that only  green bean extract can maximize the health and weight loss benefits of these “magic beans.”


There are several brands of green bean coffee extract in the market today, and the recommended dose is 800mg twice a day. The pill must be taken about 30 minutes before meals together with a large glass of water. When looking for the best brand to use, be wary of additives and preservatives that can reduce the quality of the green beans.

It is important to consult your doctor if you would like to use green bean coffee extract, whether for weight loss or if you think that this supplement will help you with your current medical condition.


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