12th Feb 2014

How To Choose A Good Yacon Syrup

How To Choose A Good Yacon Syrup

There’s a new weight-loss craze in town and it is known as Yacon Syrup. This South American root has created quite the frenzy in the market, particularly after Dr Oz discovered its potential for weight-loss, cholesterol moderating, blood glucose level lowering and bowel movement regulating effects. Now there is yet another miracle super food that is lining the supermarket shelves and have many consumers pining for more of this all-natural sweetener.

Like with all new products, there will always be the lower quality imitators that jump on the moneymaking bandwagon and Yacon Syrup is no different. So, how does one know exactly which brands are the high quality ones and which ones will simply create disappointment, not to mention a waste of your hard-earned money? Here are a few things to think about when purchasing your Yacon Syrup.

  • Make sure that there is a money-back guarantee and ensure that you understand all the fine print involved with that specific guarantee.
  • Check the ingredients for any fillers. Good quality Yacon Syrup should be organic and 100% natural without any added preservatives or fillers. This is a low-calorie sugar replacement so there should not be any added sweeteners either.
  • Please ensure that it states the ingredients are ECOCERT, USDA approved and manufactured in GMP facilities.
  • Read the label before purchasing. If the ingredients and instructions on the label aren’t easy to understand, don’t purchase it.
  • Exercise caution if the Yacon Syrup brand makes wild medical claims. This is a food supplement and natural sweetener, not a Cure-All that replaces any medication or medical treatment.
  • Yacon Syrup is from South America, mainly from the Andes region. Please ensure that the label states that the origins of the Yacon Syrup is from South America. If it’s from Peru, even better.
  • Be aware that Yacon Syrup is stored in glass bottles – make sure that delivered shipments of the Yacon Syrup is packaged in a way that won’t break on the way to your door.

Like all natural products that hit the market claiming to provide quick and easy solutions to weight-loss needs, it’s best to exercise caution. Know the research and make sure you are listening to trustworthy sources. But most importantly, enjoy this product in moderation and as a healthy alternative to sweeteners and sugars and reap the rewards of the potential health benefits of Yacon Syrup.