16th May 2012

News on Green Coffee and Weight Loss

Great News For People Who Want to Lose Weight Effectively


There’s been a lot of talk about green coffee bean extract  being a superb weight loss supplement.

Studies report many benefits, whether you are dieting or not. Dr. Oz refers to green coffee bean extract as a miracle fat burning pill that works well for both men and women.

A recent episode on Dr. Oz, called Burn Fat Faster; 5 Fastest Fat Burners, explained the reasons why green coffee is so effective at burning  fat. Dr. Oz stressed the fact taht this ‘magic bean’ has so many benefits that people don’t  need to take any other supplements to achieve their ideal weight.

Green Coffee Bean Supplements Endorsed by Medical Profession

Green coffee beans in their purest form work like no other weight loss supplement we know. The results of a recent study tot many experts very excited, including medical professionals who do not normally recommend dietary supplements. Such a direct endorsement from the medical profession carries a lot of credence.

The studies showed that participants still lost weight when taking the supplement, even when they consumed 2400 calories a day and burned off just 400 of these. The results were amazing, people actually lost more than 10 percent of their total body weight when they took the supplement. On top of this, participants suffered no side effects whatsoever during the whole 12 weeks they took part in the study

Are Roasted Coffee Beans Just as Good for Weight Loss?

Many people are now asking if normal roasted coffee has the same beneficial properties, and the answer is that no it does not. The simple reason  is the roasting process takes out all the wonderful, fat-burning acids that are present in green coffee beans. Therefore, those great weight loss properties are not nearly as present in roasted coffee.

Good News For People With Mild Hypertension

People who suffer from mild hypertension can benefit from the great properties  of green coffee extract too. By taking the supplement on a daily basis people have reported that their need for prescribed medication was greatly reduced and that their condition improved tremendously.

So How Does This Dietary Supplement Work?

Dr. Oz explains the simple 3-part process that helps burn and block off fat. This means the body does not store  the fat  due to the chlorogenic acid that’s contained in green coffee beans.

    1. The first stage of the process is for the Chlorogenic acid to help the body burn sugar or glucose fat which it does in the liver.
    2. Next the acids slow the release of the sugar into the bloodstream which means the fat does not get a chance to build up in there.
    3. Lastly, a synergistic effect occurs that burns and blocks fat. It is a completely natural and safe process that results in zero side effects.

How To Take Green Coffee Bean Extract?

One of the best ways to take this dietary weight loss supplement is in capsule form with a recommended dosage of 800 mg taken twice a day before meals. It is best to take the supplement with a glass of water around 30 minutes before eating a meal.

As Dr. Oz stresses in his video, if you are going to buy green coffee bean dietary weight loss supplements, you should get the purest form and make sure that there are no additives in the supplement. This will ensure you will get an effective product that burns through fat and doesn’t cause side effects.

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