9th Jul 2012

Review of 7 Keto DHEA Weight Loss Supplement

7keto-300x300.jpg7 Keto DHEA weight supplement is a popular vitamin supplement that is attributed to Dr. Oz. Dr. Oz has been hosting a TV program that promotes natural supplements for optimum health. This supplement has several alternative names, including 7-Keto, 3beta-acetoxy-androst-5-ene among others. It is made using natural vitamins with an aim of restoring health in sick people as well as promoting general wellness in all its users. 7 keto supplement is used for various functions, including weight loss. The following are the benefits of this supplement.

Benefits of 7 keto DHEA weight loss supplement

This supplement is available in both spray and pill form. You can therefore choose the most convenient form for your needs. If you hate swallowing pills, you can select the spray form of 7 Keto DHEA weight loss supplement. This spray form makes the supplement ideal for use on overweight children since children generally have problems swallowing pills.

7 keto is a natural weight loss remedy that works naturally by boosting the rate of metabolism. Excessive weight gain results from a buildup of fats and carbohydrates in your body. If the rate at which these foods are digested and absorbed is increased, your chances of becoming overweight will drop drastically. As a result, this supplement works very fast, with most users experiencing positive results within a month of use. Further, 7 keto DHEA weight loss supplement is a natural appetite suppressor that makes it easy for you to achieve your weight loss goals.

You only require a small daily dose to achieve your desired weight loss goals. 200 mg are sufficient to help you lose 8 1/2 lbs of weight within a month. This supplement not only helps you shed the extra weight, but also keeps you warm during the weight loss program.

7 keto DHEA weight loss supplement boosts the rate of thermogenesis within your body, thus releasing more heat from fats. It also converts stored fats into energy, thus boosting your energy levels and eventually helping keep you energized throughout the day.

Further, 7 keto DHEA weight loss supplement gives you a youthful look due to its anti-aging effects. The absence of cellulite under your skin also gives you a smooth and attractive skin.

7 keto DHEA is also available in the form of a vegetarian-friendly supplement. Most vegetarian meals are recommended for weight control, but it is possible for vegetarians to become overweight. If you are a vegetarian struggling with excessive weight gain, you can try 7 keto DHEA weight loss supplement. Look for the supplements with the vegetarian label on them; they contain no animal products or byproducts and thus adhere to your norms and food restrictions.

It is an immunity booster. This is because DHEA is a chemical that stimulates the production of white blood cells that help your body fight against pathogens. By taking this supplement, you will remain healthier than before because your body will be able to fight diseases more effectively than before.

Drawbacks of 7 keto DHEA weight loss supplement

7 keto is made using natural ingredients and thus the chances of it developing negative effects are very minimal. However, some people may experience some side effects after taking this supplement. A few of users have complained about stomach upsets, palpitations, and acne. It is only advisable to take this supplement when needed to avoid undesirable effects. If you experience any unbearable symptoms after taking this supplement, consult a physician.

User opinions regarding 7 keto DHEA

Most people who have used 7 keto DHEA weight loss supplement have found it effective. Reviews from users show that this supplement is also easy to use. The ability to work very fast has left most users very satisfied, and they thus recommend it for other people struggling with weight issues. Most users prefer the spray form of 7 keto DHEA weight loss supplement to the pill because the spray is easy to use. This variety leaves you with an option to choose the most preferred form of the supplement.


To benefit from 7 keto DHEA weight loss supplement, it is advisable that you watch your diet and lifestyle. Avoid habits that lead to weight gain, such as consumption of junk foods and living a sedentary life. A regular exercise program and eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables are essential components of a natural weight loss program. Remember to time your 7 Keto doses properly and avoid overdose or underdose. Get sufficient rest and drink enough water, then watch your weight drop to a healthy level.