20th Sep 2012

What is GCA®

coffee-cherries1.jpgGreen coffee bean extract (GCBE) has become the latest so-called miracle weight loss supplement in recent months, and for many people using it to lose weight, it has indeed been a miracle. Nonetheless, here at Life and Food we want you to choose your health supplements wisely because there are many inferior products on the market, and that includes GCBE products. Consider us your consumer protection agency of health supplements. As you may have noticed, we sell Svetol®, which is the highest quality, most scientifically studied GCBE product currently available. However there is another patented GCBE product on the market that is similar to Svetol®, called Green Coffee Antioxidant (GCA®), which some of you may also have heard newsworthy claims about on tv or the Internet and may have questions about.

How Is GCA® Different From Regular GCBE Products?

Unlike all other GCBE products besides Svetol®, GCA® is patented by Applied Food Sciences, so it has some unique qualities that will allow you to distinguish it:

  • Standardized to 50% chlorogenic acids and less than 3% caffeine
  • Is 100% pure, meaning it contains no binders, fillers, or other ingredients
  • Uses very high quality green coffee beans sourced only from farmers employing sustainable growing methods
  • Proven in a clinical study to cause subjects to lose about 10% of their total body weight and 16% of their body fat on average; no other GCBE product besides Svetol® has been studied on humans

Svetol® or GCA®?

You may be wondering how GCA® holds up when compared to Svetol®, since they are both patented products and of much higher quality than most regular GCBE products. Like Svetol®, GCA® is highly concentrated in and standardized for the active compounds in GCBE, chlorogenic acids. While GCA® is a higher quality GCBE product than many generic GCBE products for this reason, it does not possess the unique characteristics of Svetol®. There are two main reasons for this difference: Svetol® is derived from a different species of green coffee plant than GCA®, and Svetol® employs a traditional and non-selective extraction method, resulting in a slight but very important difference in chemical composition between these two products. Specifically, GCA® uses the generic Arabica variety of green coffee beans, not the premium Robusta variety used to make Svetol®.

Now, when most people researching health supplements are comparing between two similar products as you may be right now, the wise supplement consumer will always err on the side of the supplement with more scientific research supporting it. When it comes to GCBE products (including GCA®), Svetol® is in a league of its own, with 8 clinical and experimental studies proving Svetol®’s safety and effectiveness, compared to only one clinical study done on GCA®, and no clinical studies for generic GCBE products. Furthermore, the single clinical study done on GCA® only used 16 subjects, while Svetol® has been researched using larger groups in multiple studies. The results of the clinical study of GCA® were impressive and similar to Svetol®’s clinical results – subjects lost about 10% of their total body weight and 16% of their body fat on average – but more research using larger sample sizes needs to be done to confirm these initial results.

Just the Facts Please

Our mission at Life and Food is to provide the wise health supplement consumer with the highest quality supplements possible at a reasonable price, while arming you with the most accurate information possible to enable you to make the best possible choice of supplement for your unique needs. There is a lot of hype and false or misleading information in the health supplement world, and this is especially true when it comes to GCBE products due to the great profits being made, but when you visit our website or receive our newsletter you can rest assured you are receiving only the facts – no hype and no sales pitches. With that being said, whether you decide to buy Svetol® or GCA®, you don’t have to worry about buying an inferior GCBE product, because both products are patented and made from high quality green coffee beans. Although Svetol® has some advantages over GCA®, a choice between two health supplements of such high quality is a choice we are glad to help you make.