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Omega-3 Supreme Heavy Metal Test Restuls 2020 from Eurofins



As part of our ongoing effort to create to high quality products, we've received another successful purity test from Eurofins International for our best selling Omega-3 Supreme.  As always, our Omega-3 fish oil passed all heavy metals tests with levels well below GOED limits, maintaining it's rich and pure profile. See our results below. To another year of clean health!

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Omega 3 Supplementation May Improve The Aging Process

It is a fact of life that nobody is immune to the effects that aging has on the body. As people get older they are at a higher risk of a number of potentially devastating conditions, including heart disease and osteoporosis, which can severely impact quality of life. Since the beginning of time, humans have been [...]

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How Omega 3 Could Help Your Heart

The health benefits of Omega 3 are numerous, and it is most often praised for its effect on heart health. But can Omega 3 really protect your heart? Can it also improve your health if you already suffer from heart disease? What is it? The most extensive studies on Omega 3 involve two Omega 3 fatty acids. These [...]

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The Benefits and Truth about Omega 3

There is a great amount of scientific information available to support the health benefits of omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids are present in fish oils from oily fish like salmon, and obviously, good quality (non-rancid) fish oil products.General omega 3 benefits involve: protecting against cardiovascular diseases and improving heart healthimproving joint healthimproving behavior [...]

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