Posted by Leeanna Weideman on 30th May 2016

Omega 3 Supplementation May Improve The Aging Process

It is a fact of life that nobody is immune to the effects that aging has on the body. As people get older they are at a higher risk of a number of potentially devastating conditions, including heart disease and osteoporosis, which can severely impact quality of life.

Since the beginning of time, humans have been searching for the proverbial fountain of youth and natural or medicinal ways to slow down the aging process. Fortunately, new research is showing a direct correlation between the omega-3 fatty acids commonly found in  fish oil and a reduction in the signs and symptoms of aging!

In addition to the numerous ways a quality omega-3 can enhance your health and well-being, here we will discuss some of the scientifically researched benefits that they have to support your body as you get older.

The Science Behind the Research

The aging process results in a number of biological effects on the body, including:

  • Decreased muscle mass
  • Higher body fat
  • Less effective cardiovascular system
  • Slower metabolism
  • Decreased bone density

In 2015, a scientific research study from the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada was published that examined the results of an omega-3 supplement on aging women. It is thought that the EPA and DHA of fish oil could contribute to lessening of undesirable biological effects of aging and help ward off the common diseases of old age.

During the study, 24 women over 66 years of age were followed for 12 weeks as they received either a placebo or 3 grams daily of an  EPA/DHA supplement - and the results were remarkable!

Burning Fat and Building Muscle with Omega-3

Through the course of the 12 week study, it was found that women who received the fish oil supplement burned nearly 19% more fat and 14% more calories when at rest than women who were given a placebo! This number jumped to 27% during exercise, suggesting that regular use of an omega-3 supplement can be a powerful aid in boosting the slowing metabolism that inevitably comes with age.

It’s no surprise that as humans get older, their percentage of lean muscle mass decreases, making the body weak and more susceptible to obesity. It is also worth noting that having a higher lean muscle mass helps to control the pain and mobility issues of common diseases found in advanced age, including osteoporosis and arthritis. While taking the omega-3 provided during this study, the women participating were able to increase their lean muscle mass by 4% in comparison to those who only received the placebo!

The Effect of Omega-3 on Heart Health

Your heart is the most important organ in your body, and the effects of aging can have a negative impact on the functionality and performance of your entire cardiovascular system. A common health condition found in the aging population is increased levels of triglycerides, which puts the body at a much higher risk of suffering a stroke or heart attack. In this promising new research, women who took the omega-3 supplement were able to lower their triglyceride levels by 29%! By taking an omega-3 regularly to keep the fat level in your bloodstream under control, you can help prevent diseases such as obesity, hypothyroidism, and liver or kidney disease.

In the past, the medical profession has advised that a normal resting heart rate is between 60-100 beats per minute, although new evidence has shown that heart rates above 70 bpm carry a higher risk of death by heart disease. With the new heart rate recommendations modified to a target of 50-70 bpm, even small changes in your resting heart rate can have a positive effect on your lifespan. In the omega-3 research study, women who took the supplement experienced an average lower heart rate of two to three beats per minute, making it a promising tool in the fight against age-related heart conditions.

Quality Omega-3 Supplements for a Longer Life

The results of the Canadian research study in question combined with the years of scientific research on the positive benefits of fish oil show a lot of promise for the future of our health. By regularly taking a high quality omega-3 supplement, such as the Omega-3 Supreme, you are giving yourself a gift of a longer-lasting, higher-quality life. When you take the time to support the essential biological functions of your body now, research has shown that you can ward off potential devastating health conditions in your future.


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