23rd May 2012

Side Effects of Green Coffee Beans

People all over the world are raving about green coffee bean extract, describing how great this new supplement is as a dietary weight loss supplement. Many medical professionals have endorsed this supplement as a way to lose weight safely and effectively.

Green coffee beans have strong antioxidant properties, stronger even than the more known green tea and grape seed extract. The beans are full of polyphenols which reduce free oxygen radicals in your body. They contain chlorogenic acid which has many beneficial properties.

It is a superb agent that absorbs free radicals very effectively but it also helps avert hydroxyl radicals. Both of these are responsible for cell degradation in the body and, if allowed to go unchecked, can cause much damage.

Is It Safe?

One thing that all reviewers and most consumers agree on is that there are NO associated side effects from taking this product. This is probably the first time a weight loss product has come out without producing at least some adverse effects. FDA-approved weight loss prescription pills have horrendous side effects, and even many over-the-counter supplements cause some ill-effects in some people.

However, in the short time it’s been studied, no adverse effects have been reported for GCBE. It must be noted that there is the possibility for caffeine-related side effects, but GCBE only contains about 10% caffeine by weight. The compound working for us here is the CGA, not the caffeine. That being said, if you have a sensitivity to caffeine or don’t drink coffee regularly, you may experience some jitters. Some consumers who mentioned that they weren’t too big on the caffeinated beverage scene said they felt a little jittery after taking this product.

Watch out for products that contain added caffeine, as this could potentially contribute to caffeine-related effects such as increased heart rate, headache, insomnia, or jittery feelings. We still don’t know how this compound may react with prescription medications, so exercise caution and talk to your doctor before taking this. Same thing for pregnant women.

Other than that, look for products with at least 45% CGA or Svetol® and no added fillers or binders or anything else.

Life & Food Green Coffee Bean Extract

Studies Show Many Benefits in Taking Green Coffee Bean Supplements

Studies have shown that green coffee beans improve diet-induced insulin resistance. The results showed daily intake of the supplement improves the body’s metabolism. Over a period of 12 weeks people who participated in these studies were given supplements of green coffee bean extract on a daily basis.

Some of the participants lost 17 lbs while others lost 10 percent of their total body weight over this period of time.