Posted by Leeanna Weideman on 9th Sep 2016

​Garcinia Cambogia - Safety and Side Effects

Over the last several years, Garcinia Cambogia has exploded onto the the weight loss supplement market. Also knows as the Malabar tamarind, this tropical fruit claims to have significant benef …

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6th Dec 2013

The Yacon Root Syrup Discovery

Yacon Root Syrup. Recent news and discoveries show that this rare South American plant produces one of the best organic natural sweeteners.Formally known by its scientific name Smallanthus sonchi …

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28th Apr 2013

Omega 3 and Its Amazing Brain Boosting Powers

Omega 3 fatty acids have many fabulous health benefits. One of the most sought after is the amazing effects it has on the brain. This wonder supplement is beneficial to most people from young children …

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