Two-Per-Day Tablets, 120 tablets

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Two-Per-Day Tablets
120 tablets

The most comprehensive nutrient formula in the world is Life Extension Mix™. Some Life Extension members, however, prefer to take their nutrients separately, and they need only a basic multi-nutrient supplement to fill in the missing gaps. For many years, these members had to rely on commercial "one-a-day" supplements that provide low potencies.

In response to requests for a science-based multi-nutrient, a special formula was compounded to provide the greatest potencies that can fit into two tablets. When compared to conventional "one-a-day" products, Life Extension's Two-Per-Day contains up to 50 times more potency of specific nutrients.

Two-Per-Day Tablets now provide Crominex® 3+, a highly stable and biologically active form of chromium blended with Capros® Amla and PrimaVie® Shilajit.1 When used as part of a healthy diet, chromium plays a vital role in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels in those within normal range. Two-Per-Day Tablets additionally contain alpha-lipoic acid, the universal antioxidant that also helps boost glutathione levels already in normal range.

Life Extension's Two-Per-Day formula now contains the form of vitamin D known as cholecalciferol (vitamin D3).  It also has been upgraded to provide bioactive forms of vitamin B2 and vitamin B6, zinc citrate and natural mixed tocopherols.

Each Life Extension Two-Per-Day Tablet is shaped as a moderate-sized tablet for ease of swallowing.

Compared to Centrum® Silver® Adults 50+, the daily dose of Life Extension Two-Per-Day Tablet provides about:

  • 8 times more vitamin C
  • 4 times more vitamin D
  • 2 times more vitamin E
  • 10 times more biotin
  • 20 times more boron
  • 4 times more selenium
  • 25 times more vitamin B6
  • 50 times more vitamin B1
  • 12 times more vitamin B12
  • More than twice as much niacin, zinc, and many other nutrients.

Two-Per-Day Tablets are an excellent choice for those seeking a premium-quality nutrient supplement that far surpasses off-the-shelf brands.



Take two tablets daily in divided doses with meals, or as recommended by a healthcare practitioner.









120 tablets


  • 5
    By Joe (Minneapolis , MN )

    Posted by Joe (reviewed at on 19th Apr 2016

    After doing extensive research as a personal trainer and athlete on multivitamins, I've found Life Extension as one of the best. The price point remains accessible while providing a superior mix of micronutrients. And they seem committed to purity, potency, and bioavailability.

  • 5

    Posted by Mindy ( reviewer) on 15th Apr 2016

    I was taking so many extra supplements which are right here in the right amounts in the Two-Per-Day Tablets. Two-Per-Day Tablets is a superior product. I still take CO Q-10 A superior OMEGA Purified Fish Oil and a few extras.. but not nearly as many vitamins in my regimen now.

  • 4
    Buen producto

    Posted by Elemire ( reviewer) on 7th Apr 2016

    Me parece uno buen multivitamínico en composición, incluso dependiendo del peso, altura, dieta y salud de la persona creo que con una pastilla al día puede resultar suficiente. Puede teñir la orina, por las dosis altas de vitaminas B ( si buscáis información sobre ese tema en Google hay bastante información ). Las tabletas son de tamaño medio, el olor no es muy apetecible pero es algo normal en este tipo de suplementos.

  • 2
    Tastes lousy!

    Posted by FatMartin ( reviewer) on 3rd Feb 2014

    Besides the unpleasant taste, this seems to be an excellent multi-vitamin. Please consider getting rid of the KELP,(your iodine source), as it spoils an otherwise good product. Tablets are easier to swallow than big capsules, so I'm out of luck. Consider using the same potassium iodide as is in the Mix Tablets and get rid of that kelp! It's discusting and spoils this product!!!

  • 5
    Complete formula

    Posted by Clancy ( reviewer) on 31st Jan 2014

    The fact that I only need to take 2 per day and get all the nutrition added to my diet that I need is a great benefit. The cost of this product more than justifies the daily use.

  • 5
    I feel good after using the 1st bottle

    Posted by Ray ( reviewer) on 29th Jan 2014

    One does not have to spend money buying a lot of vegetables and fruits. You have everything in one capsule. I love it.