20th Sep 2012

What is Svetol® Really?

Many of you may have first heard about Green Coffee Bean Extract (GCBE) on the Dr. Oz show, where Dr. Oz proclaimed it as the new most effective natural weight loss supplement on the market. Indeed, numerous clinical and experimental studies have shown that GCBE is uniquely effective in inducing weight loss in people who use it. However, Svetol® is a trademarked version of GCBE from certified premium quality Robusta green coffee beans with a chemical composition that takes the weight loss and other health benefits of generic GCBE a step further.

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What Makes Svetol® Better?

First and foremost, Svetol® is the only GCBE on the market produced from the premium Robusta variety of green coffee beans, not the generic Arabica variety other products use. Secondly, the producers of Svetol® utilize a traditional and non-selective method of extracting the coffee beans that gives Svetol® several characteristics not found in any other GCBE product on the market:

  •  A well-balanced composition of its most beneficial class of compounds – chlorogenic acids – that is innate to the green coffee plant and which enable Svetol® to provide health benefits that surpass generic GCBE products
  • A patented ratio of 5-caffeoylquinic acids to total chlorogenic acids (0.2-0.3) that researchers have found to maximize Svetol®’s beneficial physiological effects
  • Free of two diterpene compounds (cafestol and kahweol) that often produce negative side effects and which generic GCBE products contain
  • Scientifically proven maximum bioavailability due to Svetol®’s special extraction method

Lastly, the health benefits of Svetol® – weight loss and improved body composition among others – have been proven in 8 scientific studies, both experimental and clinical, giving it a great scientific advantage over other GCBE products that have been rushed to the market without being studied thoroughly. When buying Svetol®, you don’t have to guess and take a risk about the effects it has on humans because it has been thoroughly researched and both its safety and efficacy have been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Health Benefits


Although Svetol® produces effects on human health similar to regular GCBE in the human body, it has some major advantages. Svetol® is the only GCBE that has validated its mechanisms of action using controlled in vitro scientific studies. In fact researchers have proven two separate mechanisms of action by which Svetol® produces its beneficial effects on health: it decreases intestinal absorption of glucose, and it decreases the release of glucose from the liver by inhibiting glucose-6-phosphatase, the enzyme that is responsible for breaking down glycogen into glucose. These mechanisms combine to signal the body’s fat tissue to burn the fat, which ends up making you both slimmer (less weight overall) and more beautiful (less fat relative to muscle), which just about everyone would love.

By means of these two mechanisms and possibly others not yet researched, the active compounds in Svetol® have been proven in a double-blind, placebo controlled and randomized clinical study to cause subjects to lose an impressive 5.7% of their body weight (11 lbs. on average) and to improve their lean mass to fat mass ratio by 4% after 60 days. What is perhaps most impressive about Svetol® is that only one 400 mg capsule was needed to produce such substantial results, and in only 60 days. Lastly, no side effects have been reported in the clinical studies of Svetol® to date, due to its unique chemical composition as described above. All you need is a single 400 mg capsule daily before meals to experience meaningful weight loss and enhanced body composition like the subjects in the clinical study and numerous customers already have.

Side Effects Of Svetol?

SVETOL is considered the pharmaceutical grade of Green Coffee Bean Extracts. It's patented and standardization of the extraction processes will makes it the safest of all Green Coffee supplements. However, that's not to say there aren't any side effects of Green Coffee Bean in general. See our full article on Green Coffee Bean Side Effects.

Giving You Options: Svetol® and Regular GCBE

For those of you with more limited budgets, or who are satisfied with moderate rather than maximum weight loss, buying Svetol® isn’t a necessity, as we also offer a very high quality GCBE product that our customers are also very satisfied with. We recognize that everyone has unique needs, so we continue to offer you the option of a regular GCBE product in addition to the unsurpassed quality and results of Svetol®. You can rest assured our non-Svetol® GCBE product is not a fake just because it is not Svetol®. It is produced from the same original high quality green coffee beans, but without the special extraction method utilized to make Svetol®. Here at Life and Food you can expect the highest quality natural health products, and we are especially proud to add Svetol® to our offerings, because if you are looking to lose weight and improve your body composition naturally and with maximum results, Svetol® is your best choice.