4th Oct 2012

The Origin and Benefits of Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry ketone is a compound that is found in red raspberries. Raspberry bushes, along with other related plants, are sometimes referred to as brambles.

The raspberry plant, a member of the Rosaceae family, produces tiny fruits. The raspberries are actually not considered to be berries, but as a collection of drupelets. Red raspberries are believed to have originated in Asia Minor. Roman records dating back to about 4 AD indicate that raspberries were spread in Europe by the Romans. However the English were instrumental in commercializing the growth of red raspberries. They exported the plants to the United States in the late 1700s.

Red raspberries are rich in vitamin C, and are an excellent source of riboflavin, niacin and folic acid. A special ketone in red raspberries has traditionally been used to treat and prevent different health problems including liver cancer, diabetes and cholesterol. Raspberries are also known to contain antioxidants.

In 1965 the Food and Drug Administration agency (FDA) included raspberry ketone among the ‘Generally Recognized As Safe’ products list. Until recently people ate the raspberries to derive the benefits of the ketones. Today the ketones are sold in powerful extracts to allow users to derive the most benefit from them.

How Raspberry Ketones Work

raspberryketone-300x236.jpgThe raspberry ketone is an enzyme that is found in the berry (or drupals). This enzyme helps to increase the amount ofadinopect secreted in the human body. Adinopect is a hormone secreted by the liver’s and muscles’ fatty tissues that regulates the metabolic rate in the body.

When the ketones are ingested, metabolism is boosted. An increased rate of metabolism ensures that no excess fat deposits are maintained in the body. This also helps in controlling urges to eat frequently and results in leaner bodies.

This powerful enzyme helps the body to get rid of any harmful organisms through detoxification. Raspberry ketones, when ingested, help prevent obesity and certain types of cancers.

This is one of the best natural supplements to tackle weight loss issues. The raspberry ketones work very well when the users combine the supplement with a healthy diet and regular workout routines. When the three strategies are used together they ensure that the ketones can deliver superb results in the shortest time possible.

The workouts together with the ketones boost the rate of metabolism, so dieters don’t need to work quite as hard to achieve their weight loss goals.

Benefits of Raspberry Ketones

Safe: Raspberry ketones are one of the safest ways to achieve substantial weight loss within a very short time. They help different types of bodies to slough off excess pounds. The ketones are a natural plant product and provide the best results while ensuring that no harm comes in the way of the users.

Raspberry ketones have no known side effects, however they are not suitable for for people with allergies to raspberries . Raspberry ketones help in the regulation of glucose and metabolism of fat. This helps in keeping the blood sugar levels at the required range. In addition people who use these supplements are able to maintain their ideal weight even after they consume high calorie foods.

Medicinal Value: The supplement is great in the prevention of some chronic health conditions. People who are prone to diabetes 2 are able to stimulate their uptake of glucose by consuming this supplement. Raspberry ketones have the ability to increase lipid oxidation which works wonders in the management of cholesterol levels and blood pressure. The ketones should be used together with any medication that such people may be using.

Boost Energy Levels: Many people on weight loss programs suffer from fatigue and reduced energy levels. They are often left feeling tired and weary.

Their daily obligations are quite demanding and fatigue often causes dieters to abandon their quest. Raspberry ketones combat this problem because they work in a different manner; they stimulate the body to secrete norepinephrine, which allows an increased supply of blood to all the vital organs in the body.

This physiologic change in the body supplies the body with more energy, allowing the users to lose as much weight as they want without feeling tired and depleted.