5th Oct 2012

What to Look for When Choosing Quality Raspberry Ketone

106947928-550-300x200.jpgPeople all over the world are using raspberry ketones to get in shape. That’s because these supplements have been shown to be quite effective when it comes to weight loss.

Research  conducted by dieticians has proven that raspberry ketones have many additional health benefits , which has propelled an increase in the demand for raspberry ketone products.

Additionally, Dr. Oz has stimulated even more demand for these weight loss supplements. Unfortunately, this huge demand has resulted in a rush of  substandard products to the market.

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As a consumer, you want to be sure you are getting an effective product when you purchase a raspberry ketone suppement. There are several factors to consider before buying:

Quality Ingredients

The first thing to check is that the product is pure and of great quality. Beware of products claiming to be 100% pure, the validity is questionable.   Razberi-K® Raspberry ketones is known to be of the highest purity with a99% pure rating. Razberi-K® is known as the original raspberry ketone and is the authentic material used in weight-loss research conducted by Dr. Tim Ziegenfuss at The Wadsworth Medical Center in Ohio. This trademark certifies that the raspberry ketone used in that particular product is of highest quality, 99% pure, and is certified to contain 4-(4-hydroxyphenyl) butan-2-one, the compound for raspberry ketones.

Furthermore, you will find that a good supplement should contain NO additional compound. Meaning it should have zero fillers, NO artificial ingredients, and NO GMO.

Location of Manufacturer

Raspberry ketone supplements are manufactured in many countries. Each of these has its own policies and guidelines relating to the manufacture of supplements. The laws regulating this manufacturing differ from one country to another.

The US has strict laws to regulate the manufacture of natural health products. Therefore, the efficacy of natural health products manufactured in the US is higher than products made in other countries.

This  makes raspberry ketone supplements made in the US preferable. Buyers can be assured of getting contaminant-free products.

Form of the Raspberry Ketone

Raspberry ketone supplements are sold in two forms:  pills and powders. Each of these addresses specific dietary needs. However, the most powerful form of the product is the pill. If you are out to lose a lot of weight, your best choice is the pills. Although they are more costly than the powdered raspberry ketone products, they deliver very good results.

The weight loss effect of the powdered form of raspberry ketone is much weaker. Additionally, the pill form of the raspberry ketone supplement tends to be of a higher quality.

Accreditation and Certification

When buying raspberry ketones,  look for GMP certifications on the manufacturing of the products.

All natural health products manufactured in the US are required to undergo thorough testing. Products that have undergone Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) tests are deemed to be ready for consumption. The tests ensure that the quality and safety of the products is assured. GMP is enforced by the FDA and laboratories that meet the GMP standards. The laboratories undergo regular inspections and audits conducted by health authorities.

Additionally, look for manufacturers that have accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. Businesses which have this accreditation are more willing to address customer issues. Such businesses are not just out to get the customer’s money, rather their primary goal is to provide customer satisfaction. These businesses will usually go out of their way to resolve any issues.

Cost and Dosage

On the Dr. Oz show, weight loss expert Lisa Lynn  recommended starting out with a 100 mg dose at breakfast and increasing the dose to 200 mg  or more – 100 mg taken at every meal. Life and Food Raspberry Ketones contains 250 mg of raspberry ketones per capsule, so you only need to take 1 capsule per day instead of twice like with other raspberry ketone products.

Many Raspberry Ketone supplements provide merely 100mg per capsule as a minimum dosage. These brands also sell their 60 count bottles way above $20 per bottle. While Life & Food Razberi-k® offers 250mg for maximum effect and has been proven to be the most effective potency for weight loss. Our brand provides 120 capsules (double the typical bottle size) at around $20. Giving you more than double your value.

Beware of fly by night offering over price deals, especially online. Not all Raspberry Ketones are created equal, and there is no guarantee ANY natural supplements will provide your desired results. However, it is certain that Life & Food Razberi-k® Raspbery Ketones will provide the highest quality and the best value per capsule.

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raspberry-ketone-front1-300x300.pngIt can never hurt to get your doctor or medical professional’s advice before starting any weight loss program. Although raspberry ketones have no known harmful effects, your physician can reassure you if this product is right for you.

When purchasing and using raspberry ketones, remember that these supplements pose no known harmful side effects. If you experience any undesirable after-effects when using a raspberry ketone product, that is a clue that this is an inferior product. Ideally you should discontinue use and seek out a superior quality prod