9th Jul 2012

FORSKOLIN – Treat your Disease with this Herbal Challenge!!

coleus-forskohlii-final-300x235.jpgForskolin, a chemical derived from the roots of an Indian plant called Coleus Forskohlii, has been found to offer excellent therapeutic properties that produce numerous health advantages. This plant has its historically-rich background supported by its widespread use for centuries by the Indian System of Medicine to deliver pharmacological results present in its natural properties to allay heart and respiratory ailments.

The mechanism of its action is at a molecular level where it causes the activation of an intra-cellular (lying within the cell) enzyme, i.e. Adenylate Cyclase, which has a premier role in the regulation of the functions of the cells and brings about a proper cell communication for facilitating desired responses to chemical messengers called hormones and other signals.


Being an ever-trusted product of the field of Alternate Medicine, it has been found by its thousands of users to prevent and treat a range of medical conditions and promotes overall health.


#1 Say Good Bye To The Problem of Being Overweight!

Based on clinical trials, obese people fed a diet containing Forskolin for 3 months showed a considerable loss in inches with a loss of the stored body fat. You can now aim to become more muscular with a complimentary rise in bone density in significant proportions.

#2 A Treat To Your Eyes!

Coleus Forskolin, when added as a medicinal content to eye drops, can decrease the intra-ocular pressure, a prime factor associated with the occurence of glaucoma. A regular use of Forskolin, thus, can prevent the chances of glaucoma.

#3 Get Yourself Tanned Without the Solar Heat!!

This use is still under research on study animals, but it has been found to induce dark pigmentation in your skin without the need of direct exposure to the ultraviolet rays of sunlight when applied topically (local application). So forget about the risk of skin cancers associated with direct suntanning and get tanned in a natural and herbal way.

#4 Fend Off the Frequency of Asthma Attacks!

Forskolin supplement taken in capsule form on a daily has been found to bring down the occurence rate of asthma attacks. Asthmatics have also noted a decrease in the severity of the attack by a single capsule dose daily of this nature’s gift. It is also dispensed in powder form, to provide an immediate relief in acute asthmatic attack via Spinhaler inhalator. It would dilate your bronchi (air pipes) allowing more room for oxygen inside the oxygen-deficient lungs of the asthmatic and modulates the release of mediators of asthma.

#5 Do Away With Your Allergies and Related Disorders!

By oral administration, it can treat allergies and its anti-histaminic action helps with the hyper-immune, highly resistant, and annoying skin disorders of eczema and psoriasis. Histamine, released from special cells – the mast cells, is the key modulator producing symptoms of allergies.

#6 Miscellaneous Advantages

- It can relieve pain associated with the menstrual cycle (dysmenorrhea) and Pre-Menstrual Symptoms (PMS).
- Cases with incontinent and sensitive bowel, suffering from the ailment called Irritable Bowel Syndrome have found good relief with the use of Coleus Forskolin.
- If you suffer from frequent UTIs (Urinary Tract Infections) or bladder infections, you can find a constitutional cure in Forskolin. This response is in conjugation with the antibiotics where it fortifies their anti-bacterial actions.
- Patients in advanced cases of cancer can increase their life expectancy through this miraculous discovery from nature.
- It can also go a long way in curing the sexual problems in men suffering from erectile dysfunction, loss of libido, etc. It has a role in augmenting serum levels of testosterone (male sex hormone) which diminishes considerably in obese and aging men and corrects sexual problems.
- Many of its proponents have found its wondrous use to treat Nervous System Disorders like convulsions and seizures or sleep-related disorders like insomnia.
- It has been recommended by healthcare professionals as a direct injection in the blood vessel to recover a failing heart as in Congestive Heart Failure. Forskolin has a direct effect on the muscles of heart and the blood vessel walls, lowering blood pressure and cardiac load. Its use is largely known in a cardiac condition called Idiopathic Congestive Cardiomyopathy.


Like all other therapies, the Ayurvedic herb, Forskolin too, does cause some unwanted side effects and has to be avoided in certain special medical conditions.
* Headache is a common complaint of those taking it as a dietary supplement on daily basis.
* Many users have also reported an abnormally low blood pressure (i.e. Hypotension) and flushing.
* The inhalation form used, particularly in asthma, can cause irritation of the lining of your throat, producing cough, restlessness, and sometimes, tremors.
* Its use is contraindicated in the people with known following conditions:
- Polycystic Disease of Kidney
- On Hypertensive/Hypotensive medications (taking blood pressure management drugs) as Coleus Forskolin has drastic hypotensive effect and can cause a dramatic fall in the blood pressure to life-threatening levels.
- On Anti-Coagulant drug Therapy (on blood thinning medicines) because it can aggravate active bleeding.
* The use is also to be avoided if you are pregnant or a lactating mother.

Forskolin has been a trusted name with the naturopaths and with its highly-satisfied users. Its effects are self-defining and one has but to use it to believe that it really works!!