13th Feb 2014

What Dr Oz Has to Say About Yacon Syrup

What Dr Oz Has to Say About Yacon Syrup There‚Äôs a new weight-loss craze in town, and this time it does not consist of cutting out carbohydrates or insane interval training techniques. Dr Oz has re …

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6th Dec 2013

The Yacon Root Syrup Discovery

Yacon Root Syrup. Recent news and discoveries show that this rare South American plant produces one of the best organic natural sweeteners.Formally known by its scientific name Smallanthus sonchi …

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14th Nov 2013

Benefits of Taking Green Tea Extract

Green tea has been a popular natural health supplement to take for a few years because clinical tests proved it contained important antioxidants that help the body in several ways. Green tea naturally …

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5th Aug 2013

Raspberry Ketones Side Effects and Safety

Millions of people all over the world are using raspberry ketone supplements to lose weight and keep it off.Dr. Oz, of Dr. Oz Show fame is the face behind this frenzy about raspberry ketone. He calls …

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