14th Jun 2012

The History and Benefits of Borage Oil

borage-300x230.jpgBorage plants have been used and recognized for centuries as a means of helping with various issues in the human body, but as our waist lines get bigger we have now noticed how it helps shed belly fat. The name of this plant species is borago officinalis and is often called the “starflower” because of its star shape and the miraculous effects it has on the body by most inhabitants where this plant is grown, which is primarily in Europe and North America. In addition to it boosting your metabolism, Borage Oil is great for your skin, joints, blood vessels, heart disease, blood pressure, and much more. Trying Borage Oil will have many benefits to your health and it will help you shed those tough pounds.

There is more than enough evidence that has been researched on both humans and animals that proves the effectiveness of the borage oil on making substantial progress in weight loss.

What is Inside the Borage Oil?

Within the borage oil lays a chemical gem that will give a person several benefits, but especially helps shed extra fat. Borage oil contains what is called gamma linolenic acid (GLA), scientifically classified as an omega-6 fatty acid. Much like the omega-3 fatty acids that are found in fish and flaxseed, gamma linolenic acid is used as a primary aid to help patients naturally lose weight. In addition, omega-6 fatty acids have been more recommended by physicians, dermatologists, and nutritionists opposed to omega-3 in the usage of fighting skin inflammations such as eczema, harsh dry skin, and skin conditions occuring in infants.

More Benefits from Using Borage Oil!

After you shed the extra weight you want to, Borage Oil will continue to assist you with your journey to a healthier lifestyle. Many of the other “secondary” benefits lie within the same omega-3 fatty acid that can help some conditions that may have occurred while you were overweight. As mentioned at the beginning of the article, borage oil with help manage heart disease and high blood pressure. When we gain excess weight, frequently our blood pressure will be too high. Borage oil will help get your heart and arteries back to top shape while trimming your waist.

Diabetes is another chronic problem that may occur when you put on few too many pounds, and Borage Oil can help with managing your diabetes. Those who have diabetes are also recommended to try borage oil due to studies that have shown its usage to lessen diabetes symptoms and nerve problems which may occur from having diabetes.

Another well known usage for borage oil is helping with rheumatoid arthritis. This more recently found autoimmune disorder is becoming more widespread and researchers have been trying to find a remedy for this inflammation of the joints. One remedy that has come to light is from the gamma linolenic acid inside borage oil. The most unique thing about borage oil is that no other omega-6 fatty acid has shown to be an anti-inflammatory for rheumatoid arthritis. This is the reason that makes scientists try and find out more about this different type of omega-6.

Borage Oil is a Safer Alternative to Prescription Medications

Borage oil is a natural oil extraction and can be used by anyone who seeks the usages stated above. The best supplements to take are the kind that derives naturally from a plant simply because there are less artificial ingredients added to it. Your body will recognize this natural plant and actually digest it into the bloodstream at a more rapid pace. It is very unlikely that any abnormal effects will come from taking this omega-6 fatty acid, but if a person has any doubts about being able to take borage oil then they should seek the advice of their physician or other medical advisor.